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At ICS Data we don’t believe in selling you today’s cheapest product available. We believe in selling you a computer that will last and continue to be fast for many years to come. As a result, every computer built by ICS features at least Dual Core processing power and enough memory and hard drive space to allow for years of storage and program upgrades.

We not only choose the best hardware available to make our builds, we also stand behind our computers with a Three Year “Worry Free” parts warranty. If our product fails within the Three Year Warranty period, just bring the PC into our store and have it repaired by one of our qualified technicians. If your PC’s components break after the ICS warranty period, ICS computers are made with PC parts that are compatible with a wide variety of manufacturers so you are not stuck buying parts from one source. (Like Dell, Acer, HP, or Gateway) This variety of possible replacement’s allows you to be in control of how you repair the unit.

Due to the level of customization we put into each one of our customers builds it can be difficult to post specifications and pricing. However, it is true that our standard dual core builds are available for as low as $500. Contact ICS Data today to get your hands on one.