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Outlook Setup Instructions
Windows Live Mail Setup Instructions

Outlook Setup

1. When you first open Outlook there should be a welcome screen to get you started. Please click the “next” button to begin. If you’ve already opened Outlook and skipped the setup screen, Refer to steps 10 and 11 before continuing on.

2. Now you should have a choice to configure an email account. Please select “yes” and click “next”.

3. Now you should see several different choices for Email setup. ICS uses the internet mail option, so select the top option and click “next”.

4. You should now be at the Account Setup Page. Here you will fill out all of the empty fields with you information. First list your name in the top box. The next box requires your email address. The following two boxes will be your password, and then re-typing your password. Make sure you type this correctly, and capitalization DOES matter.

Before moving on you’ll see a small option at the bottom of the Accounts Setup pages that says “Manually Configure Server Settings”. Select that option and click “next”.

5. Now you’ll see you’re on the Internet Email Settings page. Here you’ll verify any information you’ve already entered: name, email address, password etc. Next make sure the Account Type box has “POP3″ as it’s setting. The next two fields for incoming and outgoing servers, use the same setting for both: mail.icsworldmail.com. The username field below that is the same as your email address.

Before clicking “next”, please click the button titled “more settings”.

6. The additional settings on this next page will be the final steps of your email setup. There are tabs at the top of the window labeled General, Outgoing Server, Connection and Advanced. Please select the general tab and make sure your full email address is in the top box.

7. Now choose the “Outgoing Server” tab, and check the box that says your outgoing server requires authentication. Also Select the option that says to use the same settings as your incoming mail server.

8. Please move to the final “Advanced” tab. Here you’ll see a spot to enter incoming and outgoing ports. The incoming server port should be 110, and the outgoing server port should be 587. At the bottom of the page there is an optional checkbox. Check the top box labeled “leave a copy of messages on the server” if you would like all of your mail to stay on the web as well as your email program. And If you’d like it to clean off the old messages from the server periodically, check the box saying “remove messages from server” and then type how many days you’d like to have them. We recommend 14 days. Then click “ok” to close this window. You should be back to the Internet Email Settings page at this point, so you can click “next”.

9. If everything was done correctly you should be seeing the final screen saying you’ve successfully setup and email account. Click “finish” to begin using Outlook.

10. Please note that if you’ve already opened Outlook and the Welcome screen doesn’t come up automatically, or you want to add an email account you can follow these two steps to get started. First select the “File” tab on the top left of the Outlook window. Then under the “info” option on the left there should be a button toward the center of your screen titled “Account settings”. Select that.

11. Now you’ll see a window come up with some options at the top of it. On the far left there should be an Email Tab. Select that. If you already have any accounts setup they’ll be listed here, and you can double click one to edit it. Otherewise for setting up a new account, select the button at the top of the tab titled “new…”. Now you can begin at step 3 above.

Windows Live Mail Setup

1. When first opening Windows Live Mail, you’ll be brought to the initial mail account setup page. Please fill in the fields listed. Enter your Email Address, password (case sensitive), and the Display name you would like people know you as, respectively. If you check the box to remember your password, you should not have to type it in again once the account is setup. Finally, please check the box at the bottom labeled “manually configure server settings”. Click “next” to continue setup.

2. For both incoming and outgoing server addresses, please type in mail.icsworldmail.com. There are port numbers next to both o these as well. The incoming port should be set to 110, that’s correct. The outgoing port should be set to 587. Also for outgoing, make sure you check the box underneath it that says “Requires Authentication”. Lastly for this page, as the bottom for logon user name, make sure you type your full email address. Then click “next”.

3. Now you should be at the final screen. Click “finish” to begin using Windows Live Mail.